Materiality Assessment

Engaging stakeholders to understand the importance of ESG issues

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Materiality assessments are formal exercises aimed at engaging stakeholders to find out how important specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are to them. The insights gained can then be used to guide strategy and communication, and help organizations tell a more meaningful sustainability story. Investors are becoming increasingly interested in Materiality but define it a bit more narrowly as the information they need to make solid investment decisions.

Experts say about 80% of the world’s top companies are already tracking and reporting materiality assessment as part of their sustainability reporting efforts. However, Materiality is useful to all organizations, large and small, as it provides a framework for decision making and a roadmap for strategic development.

As a pioneer and leader in the assessment and certification of operations for a variety of industry sectors, SCS is equipped to take you step by step through this process and provide a unique and informed perspective on the process.

  • Benefits
  • Steps to Getting the Assessment
  • Significance to Stakeholders
  • Helps organizations focus on what’s most important to stakeholders
  • Highlights insights that can drive an organization’s sustainability strategy and enable meaningful reporting
  • Helps companies manage risks and opportunities
  • Facilitates engagement around sustainability initiatives
  • Facilitates stronger communications of key sustainability metrics to both internal and external audiences

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