Sustainability Audit Preparation

SCS Consulting experts help you properly prepare for your next sustainability audit, enabling you to enter the review process with confidence.

Navigate Audits and Sustainability Certifications With Confidence

Adequately preparing for your next audit can be challenging for any business. Our team, consisting of experienced consultants, understands the details of audit and certification programs across multiple industries and will help you enter your next audit with confidence.  As your partner, SCS Consulting leverages its expertise to review documentation, observe operations and make recommendations.

How SCS Helps with Your Sustainability Audit Preparation

Properly prepare for your next audit with a thorough understanding of a sustainability certification’s requirements and documentation. SCS helps support you through the process with the following services:

  • Gap analysis against audit or certification program
  • Document development and review
  • Facility reviews and assessment
  • Manufacturing process review
  • Recommendations to incorporate before moving forward with audit or certification
  • Policy development, training, and implementation for managers and staff at all levels

Our Process

SCS Consulting takes a multi-faceted approach to help you prepare for an upcoming audit. Our consultants have deep expertise across different industries, sectors, products, and processes – and we comprehend the intricacies of different audit and certification programs. Our understanding of the ins and outs of the audit process will help solidify your preparation for an upcoming sustainability audit. This process may include:

  • Detailed analysis of your desired audit/certification program against your current practices
  • Expert recommendations focused on proper audit preparation
  • Project size and delivery that are customizable to your needs and resources
  • Project mapping, reporting, and review to ensure projects are completed within budget and on time
  • Credentialed consultants with specific industry/sector and product/process experience

Work with SCS Consulting to Prepare for Your Sustainability Audit

More nimble than the Big 4 and more experienced than pop-up ESG consultancies, SCS Consulting Services is built on more than three decades of sustainability industry excellence and an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor, credibility, and transparency.

Companies choose SCS Consulting Services because we’re capable of equipping your company with precise details on how to navigate your initial audit or improve upon your previous audit. We provide you with our best preparedness tools and leverage our expertise across different industries, products, and processes.

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