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Duratex Celebrates 20 Years as Responsible Forestry Champion

Forests, Mills and Products Certified by SCS Global Services under the Forest Stewardship Council® Standard

Duratex S.A., the Southern Hemisphere’s largest producer of wood panels and a major forest landowner in Brazil, marked twenty years of demonstrated forest stewardship with the renewal of its Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certificate by SCS Global Services (SCS). FSC is the world’s most rigorous standard for responsible forestry certification, and SCS is one of the world’s leading FSC certification bodies. 

This year, SCS reaffirmed Duratex’s  FSC certification, which currently includes approximately 80% of the company’s forest holdings in São Paulo and Minas Gerais States (Certificate # SCS-FM/COC-00029P), and plantations in Rio Grande do Sul (Certificate # SCS-FM/COC-04774).  In addition, SCS has certified Duratex wood panels, wood chips, and construction lumber under the FSC Chain of Custody (COC) Standard (Certificate #SCS-COC-000043).

“At a time when rainforests are under increasing pressure from industrial and agricultural operations, Duratex continues to demonstrate that responsible environmental and social management practices can help decrease the pressure on natural areas,” said Robert J. Hrubes, SCS Executive Vice President.  “We congratulate Duratex on its continuing accomplishments.”

Among these accomplishments, SCS cited:

  • The amount of native forest cover has been maintained, and in some areas, has actually increased over the 20-year period. 
  • Duratex protects over 9,000 hectares of natural ecosystems in the Atlantic Coastal and Cerrado biomes.
  • Duratex supports several forest ecosystem research activities, which have resulted in more than 80 publications.
  • Duratex employs hundreds of people from the regions near its plantations and factories.
  • Duratex’s robust environmental management system supports worker health and safety. 
  • Duratex maintains regular communication with stakeholders, including neighbors, workers’ representatives, and NGOs, and is often commended by stakeholders for its efforts to control unauthorized hunting and fishing.
  • Duratex participates in local efforts to manage and control precious fresh water resources.

“As an early adopter of the FSC program, we have worked diligently for two decades to apply forestry practices and produce products that meet the environmental and social expectations of our customers,” said José Luiz de Silva Maia, Manager of Environmental and Forest Protection at Duratex. “Our latest certification reconfirms our commitment to remain on the leading edge of forest stewardship.”

Duratex was the first Brazilian company to achieve FSC certification and among the first companies worldwide to undergo certification after the FSC International Standard was launched.

About Duratex

With its Durafloor, Deca, and Hydra brands, Duratex S.A. is the largest manufacturer of industrialized wood panels, metal fittings and sanitary ware in the Southern Hemisphere. The company's business model combines sustainability in operations with environmental and social preservation in the communities where it operates, with a focus on compliance to legislation and risk monitoring. Duratex’s forestry and COC certificates are listed at: and

About SCS Global Services

SCS provides global leadership in third-party sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development. Programs span a cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in green building, manufacturing, food and agriculture, forestry, and more. SCS was a founding member of the Forest Stewardship Council, and is one of the world’s most respected FSC Forest Management and Chain of Custody certifiers.

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