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Improve data reliability and increase Stakeholder confidence through third-party verification of your organization’s GHG inventory.  SCS offers verification services across a wide range of voluntary and regulatory-driven GHG reporting frameworks including expertise within the manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, energy, forestry, and agricultural sectors. 

SCS is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited verification body under ISO 14065.  We provide GHG verification service to organizations throughout the world from fortune 500 companies to small independent businesses. 

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SCS provides independent third-party verification services for the above listed programs to assure that the entity’s inventory is accurate, complete, and meets the verification criteria. SCS conducts its verification based upon a risk-based assessment of inventory data and management systems, and conducts its verification through a targeted sampling of client data and procedures.  Results are summarized in a verification report and verification statement.

In addition SCS provides the following related services:

  • Scope 3 Inventory Preparation – Scope 3 emissions are important to consider, often accounting for as much as half of your GHG total inventory. Scope 3 inventory is also required when setting Science Based Targets and reporting Scope 3 can enhance your CDP score.
  • Organizational and Product Footprints – If you have never calculated and reported your GHG emissions, SCS can help you get started measuring, calculating, and declaring your organization's direct and indirect GHG emissions.
  • GHG Calculators – SCS can create a custom GHG tool for organizations to compile their own GHG inventories year after year.

Note, we cannot measure and verify for the same organization as this is a conflict of interest.

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