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Recycled content certification demonstrates your commitment to conserving natural resources, helps you meet customer specifications, can qualify your products for LEED and environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) programs, and supports your sustainability goals. Manufacturers of carpet, textiles, building products, wood and paper products, insulation, clothing, jewelry, and more seek this trusted certification label.


SCS is now an Endorsed Certifier for The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).
Read the press release about a rise in certification of plastic postconsumer resin. Ask us about certifying your PCR.


SCS Global Services is the certifier of choice for recycled content claims around the world, and for companies seeking certification of their in-house recycling programs. We are recognized for the rigor of our standards and the professionalism of our staff.

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SCS Global Services provides two types of certification to recognize your achievements:

  • Recycled Content Certification - The SCS Recycled Content Certification evaluates products made from pre-consumer or post-consumer material diverted from the waste stream. Certification measures the percentage of recycled content for the purpose of making an accurate claim in the marketplace.
  • Recycling Program Certification - The SCS Recycling Program Certification helps recyclers and reclamation facilities make credible claims about their diversion strategies and recycling rates.

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