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Certification for Sustainable Ornamental Horticulture

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Demonstrate leadership in environmental protection, social responsibility, and quality performance. Veriflora® Sustainably Grown certification provides cut flower and potted plant producers from all over the world with a detailed roadmap to satisfy the emerging market for sustainable products.

Uniquely position your product with the “gold” standard in sustainability certification for ornamental horticulture. Third-party certification assures buyers and consumers that cut flowers and potted plants have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way, with practices that achieve the highest level of product quality.


What does Veriflora® Sustainably Grown mean?

Healthy, safe and fair working conditions, protection of soil and water resources, responsible agrochemical use, energy efficiency, climate impact reduction, ecosystem protection, product quality, community engagement, and much more.

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The certification program currently requires conformance with the Veriflora® Sustainably Grown Standard, which provides a comprehensive framework and common set of requirements grouped into three categories – Environmental Sustainability, Social & Economic Sustainability, and Product Integrity. Ornamental horticulture products of all types and production systems of all sizes are eligible. Our global network of auditors can complete assessments anywhere in the world.

The certification process involves the following steps. For a detailed description please review the Veriflora® Sustainably Grown Certification Manual


Certification Process


  1. Apply for certification
    Fill out the SCS application form and sign the SCS Professional Services Agreement.

  2. Approve the work order
    SCS generates a work order describing the audit scope and costs. Your signature on the work order indicates your approval and sets the audit process in motion.

  3. Complete a self-assessment
    You complete a Self-Assessment Checklist to help identify gaps in conformance and prepare you for the audit.

  4. Evaluation Audit
    The SCS auditor conducts an onsite audit, which includes an opening meeting, physical inspection of the site, review of documents and records, interviews with personnel, and a closing meeting

  5. Audit Report Completed
    SCS reviews and finalizes the audit report and delivers the report to you within approximately 20 business days of the closing meeting.

  6. Corrective Action Plan
    If any nonconformities are noted, you prepare a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) describing corrective and preventive actions and providing evidence of implementation.

  7. Certification Decision
    All nonconformities must be closed before certification can be approved. If certification is achieved, you are issued a formal certificate, along with the SCS Kingfisher certification mark and logo use guidelines.

  8. Maintaining Certification
    Annual audits are required to maintain certification

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