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Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and increase market share with consumers by certifying your products for the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program. The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program recognizes products with at least one sustainability certification by a third party or by Amazon’s Compact by Design certification, which was validated by SCS Global Services. Work with SCS, the leading third-party certifier, to get certified under the approved Climate Pledge Friendly certifications like Carbon Neutral Certification. Through SCS' new Certification Standard for Carbon Neutral Entities, Buildings, Products, and Services or the internationally recognized carbon neutral standard, PAS 2060, companies can certify that they have successfully negated their carbon footprint. SCS offers complete service options to achieve carbon neutrality that include establishing your product carbon footprints and guidance on purchasing verified carbon offsets from credible sources that align with your company and Amazon’s mission. Other certifications that can be achieved with SCS under the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Program include: BIFMA LEVEL®Compact by DesignFair Trade USA CertificationFSC CertificationGlobal Recycled StandardUSDA Organic CertificationRegenerative Organic CertifiedRain Forest Alliance CertificationRecycled Claim StandardResponsible Wool Standard and more.

Get Badged on Amazon with SCS

With over 38 years of experience with sustainability certification, SCS offers you the expertise, insight and third-party objectivity needed to undergo the certification process and to credibly make sustainability claims. SCS is your one-stop-shop for the Amazon approved certifications as we are recognized for our commitment to excellence, quality, and transparency. We provide exceptional customer service and quick turnaround times. We can also work with you on cost effective pricing for bundled services.

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For Carbon Neutral, our experts will help you evaluate your risks and opportunities to develop a successful Carbon Management Plan. This plan will include:

  • Emission reduction targets
  • A timeframe for implementation
  • A description of the methods by which reductions will be achieved, including purchase of offset credits

For other certifications, you will undergo a process determined by the specific certification/s required but generally the steps below will be followed:

  • Scope
    • SCS scopes the project and product/s and prepares a proposal.
    • Client agrees to scope and signs a work order.
    • An SCS account manager is assigned to guide client through the certification process.
  • Data Collection
    • Client completes Data Request Form, identifying products and information to be pursued then submits to auditor along with supporting documentation.
  • Onsite Audit (if applicable)
    • The SCS auditor conducts an onsite audit.
  • Corrective Actions
    • Client responds to any non-conformities or new information requests.
  • Reporting
    • The SCS auditor prepares a draft Assessment Report that details the findings of the audit, including nonconformities, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Certification Decision
    • An SCS reviewer conducts a final review of the draft Assessment Report and makes the certification decision.
  • Certification Maintenance

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