WAVE: Corporate Water Stewardship Verified

A verifiable methodology for improving, reporting and recognizing good corporate water stewardship

The WAVE Program: A path to Water and Climate Resiliency

The availability of clean freshwater is critical to business operations and profitability in nearly every industry, ranging from food and beverage, chemical and personal care to general manufacturing, parts suppliers, hospitality and more.

WAVE is a program established by The Water Council that helps all sizes of organizations accelerate their water actions in a strategic, clear, credible way to prepare for external reporting. As an enterprise-level verification, WAVE enables companies to demonstrate that they are contributing to a more water-resilient supply chain. 

SCS Global Services (SCS) has partnered with The Water Council to provide independent verification to corporations that participate in WAVE, as required by the program. This ensures legitimacy that the processes organizations implement are actually mitigating water-related risks and addressing water challenges and opportunities.

Why Choose SCS?

Companies choose to leverage SCS’ water stewardship expertise to help navigate their water sustainability journey. As a leader for 40 years in sustainability standards, third-party verification and certification, SCS has helped thousands of companies demonstrate their sustainability efforts that contribute to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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What is the methodology?

  1. Understand water uses, impacts & risks
  2. Approve a corporate water stewardship policy
  3. Prioritize sites where water-related risks can be mitigated
  4. Communicate corporate action plan, goals & timeline

Accelerator Methodology graphic

Credit: The Water Council

Why participate in the WAVE program?

  • Advance your efforts to a more holistic water stewardship approach
  • Ensure your organization better understands and prioritizes its water challenges and risks
  • Confidently communicate your corporate water stewardship in external reporting
  • Use the WAVE program mark to promote your achievements
  • Assure investors, customers and stakeholders that your processes are credibly verified

Why work with SCS?

SCS has completed design, implementation, and certification of water stewardship projects for the food and beverage industry, agriculture and manufacturing. We have certified over 30% of the AWS water stewardship sites globally. By choosing SCS as your responsible water partner you will benefit from:

  • The most experienced team from planning through implementation
  • Customized services for every step of the water stewardship journey: consultation, technical advisory, pre-assessment, gap analysis, and verification
  • Multilingual training and specialized webinars tailored for your company’s needs

Why is ESG important?

Growing concerns over how climate change, environmental degradation, resource depletion, and threats to supply-chain resilience affect corporate brand value have compelled investors, asset managers, and ratings agencies to reward more strategic corporate performance on a range of sustainability issues, including water.

Why make a commitment to an ESG based water stewardship program like WAVE?

The growing ESG reporting movement has pressured companies to move well beyond non-substantive glossy reports as investors and other key stakeholders increasingly expect companies to make measurable progress on environmental priorities.

Is independent verification of the WAVE program required?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the WAVE program, all participants will be independently verified by SCS Global Services. This provides credibility to investors and with the public.

Does this program only serve large public companies or can it assist small to medium private businesses?

While not always immediately evident, water is a critical resource for nearly every business in every industry. From food and beverage, chemical and personal care, to general manufacturing, parts suppliers, hospitality and more; the availability of clean freshwater is critical to a business’ operations and profitability.

How can I demonstrate our company’s successful verification of the WAVE program? 

The client will receive an official certificate, logo, and WAVE Verified claims language. SCS provides marketing support to publicize your achievement. Once verified our marketing team can also provide additional services to develop a strategy that incorporates your goals, considering your current tactics to optimize them for success. We work to identify and execute opportunities that will bring more awareness to your certifications.

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